Oct 15

The Real Deal Chicken Soup

wildnourishment.comI keep seeing all these posts and pins on soups and stews. We all love a good soup when the Autumn air brings in a chill…but, are they really GOOD for you?? Cream cheese, heavy cream, gluten, sugars; yes, these are all ingredients from soups online! Here is the REAL DEAL chicken soup. No gluten (unless you choose to add noodles), no sugar, no cream…just 100% immune boosting, gelatin making, delicious goodness for your insides! A good soup should make a body, mind and soul feel nice and warm. That’s what you will get with this recipe! Enjoy.


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Oct 08

Roasted Garlic Potato Soup

wildnourishment.comIt’s October…soup time! I’ll be bringing you wonderfully warm and delicious soup recipes for what’s in season. Today is a rich and roasted Garlic Potato Soup. Nothing says comfort food like bits of bacon with potatoes. This soup gets creamy from “mashing” some of the soup itself. It’s deep decadence comes from roasting the garlic. Yum right? Enjoy!


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Oct 07

Salted Caramel Topping


It’s that time of the year again…time for caramel apples, salted caramel mocha’s and hot chocolate’s. Here is my decadent, sweet, indulgent, salted caramel topping! If you are going to treat yourself during this season, make it yourself! Only four simple ingredients: organic cane sugar, unsalted grass fed butter, heavy cream and Himalayan pink salt. Perfect for topping cupcakes, muffins, coffee, pancakes, french toast, or maybe just taking a well deserved spoon full all by itself!


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Oct 01



Sometimes we all deserve a little luscious treat. When you are trying to keep pasta and dairy to a minimum, manicotti is a great alternative. Serving size is 2 per person. Seems like a small amount but when you factor in the richness of the ricotta and the sauce, it indeed is a perfect portion. 


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Sep 24

Coconut Shrimp Soup

wildnourishment.comThis week I give to you a quick and easy soup. Warm, delicious and satisfying yet takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. Dairy-free and gluten-free this recipe will satisfy even the pickiest household. Don’t do shrimp? Replace it with chicken for similar results!


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Sep 15

Pumpkin Spice Latte’


It’s that time again…the coming of autumn. When the leaves put on a display of color and the weather will often be the perfect setting for relaxing with a book and a warm cup of comfort…a pumpkin spice latte’. Here is a homemade version that is just as comforting as the one you find in the retail outlets but made with natural ingredients that still maintain all the taste.


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Sep 10

Lemonade with Rosemary Honey

wildnourishment.comThis is my last ditch effort of hanging on to what is left of summer. I sat in my kitchen during a crazy hot evening in Chicago-land looking around for something cool and refreshing. All I had was lemons so, duh…I made lemonade. I did juice my lemons in a machine with the peels intact. It gives it a refreshing tartness that cools the palate. I’ve gently sweetened it with a simple syrup made with filtered water and honey that is infused with fresh rosemary. An unforgettably quenching end of summer drink.


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Sep 03

Creamy Lemon, Chicken, Kale Soup – DF/GF

wildnourishment.comHere it is folks…the ULTIMATE soup! It’s creamy, delicious, nutritious, and packed with a punch to boost your autoimmune system. You want more? It’s dairy-free. Not enough for you? It’s gluten free. Are you still unconvinced this could indeed be the best soup you’ve ever made yourself? There are seven, yes SEVEN, ingredients and they are prepared in less than 10 minutes. Boom! But seriously people, it’s delicious…give it a go.


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Aug 27

Chuck Roast with Vegetables

wildnourishment.comEat hearty but without the slaving in the kitchen (or the mess)! I absolutely LOVE using my crock pot in the summer. Who needs a hot and steamy kitchen in the summer when you can have a delicious whole meal made in the crock pot. Enjoy this amazing recipe with your family and friends. Eating hearty means eating healthy.


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Aug 20

Avocado Egg Gouda Sriracha Grilled Cheese

wildnourishment.comI’ve been drooling over various versions of this deluxe grilled cheese. None of them seemed quite right until some tweaking in the kitchen! I spent two delightful days of testing out variations of this sandwich to get this recipe and I’m sharing it with all of you. It’s a great mid day pick me up. With every awesome serving you are getting a load of protein, some great saturated fat, a dairy portion and a grain portion. All that AND it tastes phenomenal! The only thing that makes this grilled cheese any better is serving it next to a side of my Brussels sprout slaw.


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